A Horde Dazed Knight

Stealing alliance lunch money since 2006…

About HDK , Our Mission Statement, and Our Rule Set

HDK was formed with sights on being a safe, friendly, fun, secure, drama free, casual, 21 and over, real life greater then wow, open minded, transparent leadership, mature, heavy integrity based and loot issue free, raiding guild. Our goals are to see all the end-game has to offer at our own pace.
When HDK formed it had 3 basic rules.

1. All members of HDK will be at least 21 years old. HDK is an adult oriented guild, run by adults, for adults.
2. Members of HDK at all times will be respectful of fellow members and all other WoW players.
3. Members of HDK will have the utmost integrity. Ninjas, hackers and exploiters WILL NOT be tolerated.

Rule 4 was added approximately 2 weeks after the forming of the guild facilitate exactly what were about anyway. Fun.
4. Lastly, and most importantly: While in HDK, members will HAVE FUN!!

In Game Ranks

In game ranks are a visual tool to help determine activity between our forums, in game, and the use of our roster. The ranks that hold precedence for everyone are the following:

Guild Masters – The fearless leaders.
Officer – The fearless workers who do the work of the fearless leaders.
VIP – Prior fearless leaders who convinced us to take their jobs.
Member – Your HDK Main toon, has full bank access.
Member Alt – an ALT of a member, the only restriction to ALT’s are guild bank access
Recruit – a new member generally on a 2 week feeling out period.  Lets everyone know you are new, and should get to know you!  Deposit access only to guild bank.
Time Out – For those who decide to be bad boys and girls.  (This is a joke rank, except for those who have decided to take up permanent residence there…they know who they are.

General Guidelines That Promote Our Philosophy

These are a representation of HDK’s views on proper guild etiquette, use common sense and do not attempt to split hairs on our rules.

Begging – do not do it.
Ninja Looting – this will get you removed from the guild no questions asked.
Rolling on an item that you were not entitled to – this is a sketchy rule and we realize we have newer players to the game. If you are unsure of a situation ask before making an action. Generally our guild members are very knowledgeable and can help out.
Changing looting mode or rules without consensus of the party – there is no excuse to do this and not fix it. Doing so for the loot will get your removed from the guild.

Antisocial Behavior
– Don’t do it. Be nice in trade, be nice in barrens and don’t be a racist, or an idiot with our tag on your head. While in HDK you will be functioning member of society as a whole or you won’t be in HDK

General Raid Guidelines
Our expectations of those member wishing to raid with HDK are fairly straightforward and simple.
Show up on time, Show up prepared to raid (gear, consumables, gems, enchants, basic knowledge of the fights), Have Fun.

Guild Support

While most members in HDK are very knowledgeable and willing to help, they are not a personal answering service.  So long as you aren’t spamming /g or harassing members, asking questions is perfectly acceptable.
This also applies to asking for help with instances and quests.  We are not a power-leveling service, though many members will extend a helping hand.  Generally members have alts at all level ranges to help with lower level instances and group quests.
The guild does not exist to give you stuff for free. People who donate to the guild bank and have attained the appropriate rank are the ones allowed to withdraw from the guild bank. The guild bank does not give out loans. Guild money is used to provide prizes for guild events as well as free guild-wide repairs at certain times.


It is important that you are an ambassador for our guild. It’s important that you get out there and help people in need and make friends outside the guild. When you find people you like, have them look at this site and these rules. HDK is against any kind of poaching of other guild’s members.

Trade Skills

The guild has people that focus on specific trade skills. Assist them to be successful by using them for your needs and be sure to offer formula’s and recipes to the appropriate guild professional before selling it.


Being a casual guild, we have no problem with having alts in the guild.

Guild Chat

This is a crazy place where people often feel free to express themselves. We want good signal to noise ratio so that the guild chat remains useful.
While we are a guild of adults, please keep guild chat PG-13. This includes language and subject matter.What we are trying to avoid is a /gchat full of constant foul language.

General, Public, Party, Whisper and Trade Chat

While using the “Says”, “Yells”, trade channel or any other kind of “Public” communication with fellow WoW players, you must follow WoW’s terms of service. Keep it rated ‘G’, don’t insult or attack people via whisper. Don’t spam the Trade Channel repeatedly. If someone is rude to you do not retaliate, use /ignore.

WoW Forums

We will not censor your freedom of personal speech, but unless you are explicitly authorized to speak for the guild, you must never phrase things in a way that will reflect the guild as a whole in a bad light.